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Author, Composer, Interpreter




Sofia Elle Morgane has always sung. She’s been the lead singer of several cover group including more recently ' The Acoustic Garage ' which she left late 2016.


Younger, she dreamed of being discovered but with the experience of the music business, she quickly realized that the world of music was completely transformed by the arrival of motor such as YouTube etc, the public no longer had to pay for music.


Dreams do not die even if change is the only certainty there is. Today her dream of being discovered has turned into a huge courage to make things happen through her own choices, initiatives and actions.


«There is nothing more powerful than a determined spirit all lies in the power of human will." There is no chance, there is no destiny, you have to work to go where you want to be. »


Sofia Elle Morgane has a personal commitment, an obsession to be better tomorrow than she was yesterday. She wants her life to mean something. There are necessary sacrifices.


« When we sail from challenges to challenge, it is sometimes difficult because fear invades me like everyone else but instead of confessing defeat by letting fear paralyze me, I prefer to let myself be carried by the love and passion that inhabit me. »

She is convinced that the ambitions that inhabits anyone are made to be realized. Each one in charge of his life.

She believes that who is destined to be part of her path will choose this same high vibratory frequency. A difficult but much more rewarding way.

What she does not know how to do, she is committed to learning it, to become always more autonomous. She researches, reads and tries to find the way to make things happen. She will work on her faults until these are transformed into qualities


« We must rise above our own limitations to evolve, to become the master of our own destiny and not let life happen to us by the default of hazard. All great and wonderful thing in this world began with an idea, a passion, a vision and or a dream. There is no chance we make it happen by working hard. There is always a new obstacle to be overcome, even if it is difficult, persevering is a better choice than resignation to be content with not doing what I really want to do. »


Sofia Elle Morgane is a conscious artist of the new generation who understands that showbusiness now passes through first and foremost an iron will, entrepreneurship, collaboration and social financing.




After delighting audiences during her public appearances in recent years, singer Sofia

Elle Morgane is taking by storm the Rialto Theater for a series of beautifully designed shows

to honor Whitney Houston's talent and music.


On May 18 and 19, 2019,

Sofia Elle Morgane presents - WHITNEY HOUSTON EXPERIENCE

a show dedicated the most beautiful songs of the most revered singer in the



The breathtaking voice of Sofia Elle Morgane will be accompanied by a fabulous live band. Five

musicians, four dancers and four choristers. She performs fifteen (15) classics such as "I WILL



First part

The first part of the show will be covered by SUMMER of 69 tribute BAND.

Of international recognition, Summer of 69 is undoubtedly the best tribute band to Brian Adams in Canada. (


The show "WHITNEY HOUSTON EXPERIENCE" is an independent production completely directed by the artist and over which the artist retains full control of the content.